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City of Ontario Film Permits

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City of Ontario Film Permit Application

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Film Permit Regulations

  1. An applicant will be required to submit a completed Permit Application at least (4) four business days prior to the date(s) to conduct an activity for which a permit is required. The Permit Application must include all supplemental documentation prior to processing beginning, including receipt of payment for the processing fee. Processing will not occur if less than 4 business days are provided for processing.
  2. An applicant shall comply with all conditions or restrictions of the permit.
  3. For the legal protection of the City, an applicant shall be required to provide the following:
    1. Commercial General Liability:  Commercial General Liability Insurance which affords coverage at least as broad as Insurance Services Office "occurrence" form CG 00 01, or the exact equivalent, with limits of not less than $2,000,000 per occurrence and no less than $4,000,000 in the general aggregate.  Defense costs shall be paid in addition to the limits.  The policy shall contain no endorsements or provisions (1) limiting coverage for contractual liability; (2) excluding coverage for claims or suits by one insured against another (cross-liability); (3) products/completed operations liability; or (4) containing any other exclusion(s) contrary to the terms or purposes of this Permit. A copy of the endorsement will remain on file. Filming at Ontario International Airport requires limits of $2,000,000/$4,000,000 aggregate. All other terms and conditions remain the same.
    2. Any required insurance must name the City of Ontario as additional insured.
    3. Workers Compensation Insurance – An application shall conform to all applicable federal and state requirements for Workers Compensation Insurance for all persons operating under a permit. Evidence of such coverage with a waiver of subrogation to the City or OIAA shall be submitted with the application.
  4. An applicant shall conduct operations in an orderly fashion. The area used shall be cleaned of trash and debris within a timely manner upon completion of shooting at the scene and restored to the original condition before leaving the site. The City may require a faithful performance bond to ensure cleanup and restoration of the site after inspection.
  5. Filming on private property an applicant shall obtain the property owner’s permission; consent for use of property shall be submitted with the application. If City property is to be used, applicant shall include a “City Film Location Form” in application.
  6. A public right of way film permit shall be required for the posting of temporary “NO PARKING” signs, parking of equipment and/or cars on public streets, stringing cable on sidewalks or from generator to service point, sidewalk shots, driving scenes. “NO PARKING” signs shall be posted by the City and the requirements shall come from the City. The fee shall be assessed by the City.
  7. For filming that would impair traffic flow, an applicant shall use the Ontario Police Department and comply with all traffic control requirements deemed necessary.
    1. Any personnel and equipment required at the location(s) shall be at the permittees’ expense. The hours of work will be billed by the Accounts Receivable Department of the City of Ontario.
    2. An applicant shall pay for the installation of advance warning signs and any other traffic control devices by the City of Ontario Street Department in conformance with the Manual of Traffic Controls, State of California Department of Transportation.
    3. Traffic may be restricted to one 12-foot lane of traffic and/or stopped intermittently. The period of time that traffic may be restricted shall be determined by the City based on location.
    4. Traffic shall not be detoured across a double line without prior approval.
    5. Unless specifically authorized by the City, the camera cars shall be driven in the direction of traffic and shall observe all traffic laws.
    6. Any emergency roadwork or construction by City and/or private contractors, under permit or contract to the City shall have priority over filming activities.
  8. Upon notification, the Ontario Fire Department will conduct a field/site inspection of all film permits issued in accordance with State Fire Marshal regulations as outlined in Tile 19.
    1. Any personnel and equipment required at the location(s) shall be at the permittees’ expense. The hours of work will be billed by the Accounts Receivable Department of the City of Ontario.
    2. The Fire Inspector, or Fire Safety Officer, shall have the authority to revoke any permit as outlined in the Uniform Fire Code.
    3. The Ontario Fire Department shall maintain a copy of the film site inspection within the Fire Prevention Bureau.
    4. Special effects, such as pyrotechnics, hazardous materials/conditions, refueling, tents, other hazardous operations shall require a separate permit issued by the Ontario Fire Department.
      1. Failure to include pyrotechnics, hazardous materials/conditions, refueling, tents, other hazardous operations in film permit application and obtain a valid permit, will result in additional fees for Pryotechnic/Hazardous Material permits and other fines and fees that may result from failure to notify.
  9. For the convenience of the general public, all activity by an applicant between the hours of 10:00 PM and 6:00 AM shall be performed without undue noise and nuisance.
  10. Film Permit Application fee is a flat fee of $246.00 for processing. Fee is required regardless of approval/denial on the permit.
  11. All Drone Filming must be approved by the Ontario International Airport and comply with FAA Guidelines.
  12. All trash services must be coordinated through the City of Ontario Solid Waste Department at (909) 395-2050.
  13. Location Credit. Applicant shall expressly give credit to the “City of Ontario, California” in the credits of any film resulting from the activities under a City issued film permit.  Said credit shall be accorded on screen, with size, placement and all other aspects thereof determined in Applicant’s sole discretion but consistent with other “thank-you” type credits accorded to locations of filming, if any.



These procedures and guidelines are intended to serve as minimum regulations under normal filming circumstances, however the Film Permit Officer has the discretion to increase or decrease the requirements based upon the actual circumstances.


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Production will be responsible for payment of any safety personnel time assigned to production. Safety hours will be calculated based on schedule provided on this application. Fire Safety Officers are a standard assignment for all productions and rates range fron $130/hour to $175/hour based on staff availability. Police personnel will be assigned on an as-needed basis for large productions and all traffic encroachments. Contact the film office for more information.

Please be specific on production times, you will be responsible for personnel assigned to all hours listed on the application as well as an overages not listed.

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      Submitted applications will not be processed without payment of the processing fee. If paying by Cash, Check or Card, payments must be submitted prior to application processing. 

      You will receive an invoice upon receipt of a completed application to the email address for "Representative" listed above. To pay by card, call (909) 395-2022. Please note the City of Ontario does not accept American Express. 


      To pay by check or cash, come to:

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      Checks must be made out to "City of Ontario"

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      All invoices will be mailed for safety personnel time and/or any charges incurred during production to the address and company provided here. 

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