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Ontario Museum of History & Art

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Ontario Museum of History & Art

We the People: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Exhibition Dates: February 2, 2023 - April 16, 2023

The Ontario Museum of History & Art and guest curators Riea Owens and Dr. Patricia Jessup-Woodlin present, We the People: Yesterday, Today, and TomorrowArtists will be asked to reflect on America's collective past, present, and future and to examine the phrase, "We the People." The exhibition will feature artists representing the diversity of our culturally rich population in Southern California.   

Exhibit Theme

The United States Constitution is the framework text of our government.  It is the union's guidelines and upholds all individual rights and liberties.  We the People: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow will engage with the meaning of the Constitution and the Preamble as a shared fluid experience that has transformed over generations.  


The Preamble states, "We the People of the United States, to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."   


At its inception, the Preamble pledged equality for a small contingent of the United States population.  Over the decades, amendments were ratified to include more freedoms.  As a result, the promise and interpretation of the Preamble have changed in scope.  However, today, communities and individuals still voice inequality in response to the Preamble and Constitution as the country debates and challenge the meaning of personal freedoms.  


The Ontario Museum of History & Art is searching for artists to delve into the significance of the Preamble and unpack the nuances of the phrase "We the People," its imperfections, complexities, and present-day contentions. 


The jury panel will select artwork that best represents the exhibit's theme.  Artwork may explore the following ideas or the Preamble in its entirety: 


  • We the People 

  • A More Perfect Union 

  • Justice 

  • Tranquility  

  • General Welfare 

  • Blessings of Liberty 

  • Posterity 

Artist Submission Form

Please complete each of the required sections.

Full Address



  • Artworks must be the original creation by the artist, and the preferred dates of composition are 2019-2022.
  • Artwork cannot be submitted on behalf of an artist.
  • Two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks in any stable media will be reviewed by museum staff before the artwork has been accepted for the exhibition.
  • Artworks must be no larger than 48 inches in any direction and weigh no more than 50 pounds.
  • The artwork must be ready to install once delivered.
  • Textiles must have a sleeve for installation.
  • 2-D works must use D-Rings, Wire, or Cleats.
  • Sawtooth hanging hardware will NOT be accepted.
  • Artwork cannot be hung by the frame of the canvas.
  • Surfaces must be dry and stable.
  • These requirements must be met; otherwise, your work will not be accepted


The deadline to submit the form is December 1, 2022 at 4 PM.

Show us what you will submit! Upload an image of the artwork(s) in a neutral background. Please name the file with the title of the artwork.

Your artwork does not need to be finished by the time of application submission. You can upload a sketch, partially finished, or an image of completed artwork.​

Do not upload more than one image per work of art. Please name the file with the title of the artwork.

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If you are submitting only one work of art, please leave the next sections below blank. If you are submitting multiple artworks, please complete each section.

Do not upload more than one image per work of art. Please name the file with the title of the artwork.

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Submitting an application, does not guarantee participation in the exhibition. If your artwork is accepted, you will receive information regarding art drop-off instructions by December 09, 2022. Each participating artist will schedule an appointment through a link provided.


Onsite sales of artwork are not an objective of the We the People: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow exhibition. The Ontario Museum of History & Art is a department of the City of Ontario, Community Life and Culture Agency, and is not a commercial gallery. The purpose of the exhibit is to provide opportunities for artists of the region to exhibit artwork for the benefit of the City of Ontario and the Museum’s regional audience.  The Museum will not represent artists, provide sales prices, or receive commissions for artwork transactions. Sales may not be conducted on the Museum property. The Museum will provide a public space to display artists' business-style cards. This way, visitor queries will go directly to the artist.



Artwork left unclaimed after the scheduled pick-up date will undergo Museum abandonment procedures. The Museum will attempt to contact or negotiate the objects return to the lender. In the event, the lender fails to claim their artwork after repeated attempts by the Museum to contact them, the loaned artwork may be subject to the State of California's Unclaimed Loan law, California Civil Code Section 1500 et seq., and/or the provisions of California Civil Code Section 1899 et seq.


If you need assistance with the application process please call or email:

  • Samantha Herrera, Assistant Curator at (909) 395-2504​
    • Email:
  • Fernando Lopez, Exhibits Assistant at (909) 395-2525
    • ​Email:

USE OF ARTWORK IN PHOTOGRAPHY: Unless permission to do so has been specifically refused by the Lender in writing and attached to this document, the City is authorized to photograph, film or otherwise reproduce in any media, images of the loaned objects for archival, educational, or publicity purposes.

This includes:

  • Photography and filming of the exhibition by news media for the purposes of marketing and publicizing the exhibition.
  • Exhibition gallery/on-site design (in-gallery graphics, in-gallery media).
  • Collateral pieces for the exhibition (gallery guides, membership magazine, museum brochures, membership solicitations, calendar of events, invitations, educational curriculum, and exhibition catalog).
  • Publicity and promotion of the exhibition and exhibition related programs (print media, outdoor media).
  • Electronic/digital information and promotion on City web site and socials.
  • Reproduction permission for all other venues.
  • The City will provide lender with the appropriate acknowledgements.
  • The City shall not be responsible to pay any royalty, license or use fee.

Please indicate if permission is granted for loan items to be photographed for press materials (print, social media, etc.). All publications of loan items will include a credit line acknowledging the artist or lender. Check "Yes" if you approve or type "No" in the text box if you do not give permission to use your artwork for marketing purposes.

Please indicate if permission is granted for loan items to be photographed and/or filmed for viewing on the Ontario Museum of History & Art’s website: Check "Yes" if you approve or type "No" in the text box if you do not give permission.

Please indicate if you would be interested in leading future artist workshops, public programs, artist vendors, etc. Check "Yes" or type "No" in the text box.

Certifications: I certify that the entries comply with the stated guidelines of the We the People: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow Exhibition. I agree to abide by the guidelines. I allow photography of my artwork by the general public for non-commercial use. I understand that artwork displayed in the exhibition will not be released from the Museum until the exhibition's end date. Use the checkbox and type your full name in the space provided.